ChristinaP says: I tried the Phat Glow Facial for the first time this week. First off, the scent is amazing! In fact, after I use it, it looks like I'm wearing the softest, dewiest highlighter ever created, even though I'm not. By using Byrdie, you accept our. Complete your Glow Routine. 95 (£31.95/count) £36.85 £36.85. As you do this, you'll notice that it changes from pink to white. Long story short, I suggest you try it out for yourself, because I'm certainly loving my new glow. To activate it, you need to gently massage it into your skin (I did so in circular motions). After using the mask for the first time, I woke up to an incredibly glowing, hydrated face. What it is: An age-fighting face mask that works like a facial, with potent … Anti-Aging Face Mask Formulated With Potent PHAs And Nordic Birch Sap! Lazy Cake is an ode to indulgence. PHAT GLOW FACIAL™ THE MASK FOR FLAWLESS SKIN IN A FLASH. 12 Feel-Good Beauty Buys That Give Back to COVID-19 Relief, These Are Hands Down the Best Drugstore Skincare Routines for Every Skin Type, The French Exfoliation Method You've Probably Never Heard of Before, 9 Skinfluencers on the #1 Thing They Credit for Their Glow, The 15 Peel-Off Masks That Aren't a Pain (Literally) to Remove, The Beauty Products That Make Us Feel Happy, According to Byrdie Editors. 1K reviews. First of all, the texture feels like cake frosting, minus some of the weight and all the fragrance, and sits on the skin without slipping and sliding. I wanted to see if the same results held up when I didn't have the magical helping hands of an esthetician at my disposal. There’s also some bentonite clay for handling breakouts and the aforementioned birch sap, which is basically Gatorade for your face since it contains electrolytes and potassium for hydration. About the brand: Ole Henriksen's eponymous skincare brand was built on the three major tenets of skincare: exfoliate, treat, and soothe. The mask smells just like Vimto and feels a little tingly when first applied to the skin. This face mask is formulated with a gentler alternative to AHAs, PHAs, which ensures that there is all gain and no pain. The Phat Glow Facial is applied in an even layer to clean, dry skin, and then massaged until it transforms from a pink colour to white. PHAT Glow Facial™ Mask. OZ. All in all, it's formulated to work like a facial in a bottle to fight signs of aging, exfoliate, and illuminate the skin. I applied a couple coats of mascara, and a swipe of lip balm, and that's it. Best for: Combination, oily, normal and dry skin types, Uses: Targets dullness, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and dryness, Active ingredients: PHA (poly-hydroxy acid), Nordic birch sap. While the OLEHENRIKSEN PHAT Glow Facial Mask retails at a $66, to me, it’s worth every penny, and fans agree. But enough of me talking (or typing). exclusive. Even though the glow had slightly diminished from what it was the night before, my skin still looked infinitely better than it usually does in the morning. It goes on super thick and creamy, almost the consistency of zinc. OLEHENRIKSEN PHAT Glow Facial Mask Shop it: Sephora, $66 “This is one of the best masks I’ve ever used. bottle should last some time. PHAt Glow Ingredients Ole Henriksen’s latest product is a facial mask that contains the ingredients PHA, Nordic birch sap and pink bentonite clay. The Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial Mask costs $50, but considering you'd only need to use it at most, twice a week, means one 1.7 oz. After all, I've had a lot of facials in my lifetime, and rarely does my skin look the same post-facial as it does when I use the same products at-home. Prone to Getting Greasy During The Day? We're PUMPED for the newest addition to the Ole family PHAT Glow Facial: ✨ Instantly exfoliates & brightens ✨ Reduces the look of pores, dark spots, fine lines & … I have 19 in my bathroom cabinet right now (yes, I counted), and many of them are of the exfoliating variety. After comparing and contrasting reviews on various websites, I settled on the brand’s PHAT Glow Facial Mask, a clearing, exfoliating and hydrating formula. I took this picture the next morning. The texture of this mask is slightly tacky, but spreads easily. Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial Review Well, you guys were right. The texture was a conscious decision on Henriksen's part. Mar 14, 2020 - My detailed review of the Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial mask, with a mini-focus on PHAs, the new exfoliating acids that are everywhere at the moment! Add. He wanted the wearer to be able to multi-task—that is, apply the mask, go through a yoga flow, clean dishes, or do whatever else you feel like doing without any dripping, sliding, or fuss. After comparing and contrasting reviews on various websites, I settled on the brand’s PHAT Glow Facial Mask, a clearing, exfoliating and hydrating formula. This face mask works like a facial, with potent PHAs and Nordic birch sap to exfoliate, illuminate, and brighten skin. After applying the mask, leaving it on for 15 minutes, and gently removing it with a washcloth, I was happy to see that my skin was just as taut and illuminated as it was when I left the spa earlier that week. So, I tried it again, at-home, later that same week. ! After using the mask for the first time, I woke up to an incredibly glowing, hydrated face. Find in store. It's totally worth to stash away some money to splurge on this mask, especially if you have a special occasion coming up, or you just want a dewy, glass skin look at the drop of a hat. I mean, it was so glowy it was almost reflective. I ended up liking this product even more than the Drunk Elephant because it’s gentler (less sting) but just as effective (your skin is SO smooth afterwards). The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid Toner Literally Makes My Skin Glow. Join Now Already Subscribed? After my facial at the Ole Henriksen Spa, in which the esthetician used the new product, I couldn't believe how glowy my skin looked. FREE Delivery by Amazon. A post shared by OLEHENRIKSEN (@olehenriksen). This was taken before coffee. Qty: Add To Bag. Customer reviews Olehenriksen Phat Glow Facial Mask 1.7 Oz! There's also Nordic birch sap, which hydrates the skin, and pink bentonite clay, which clarifies the skin. With the use of gentler ingredients, users can see a skin transformation with no downtime, meaning it can be used any time by anyone. Find best AHA exfoliants, ingredients & honest reviews at Beautypedia. I couldn't believe how glowy my skin looked. Get flawless skin in a flash with this no-downtime mask. Sukari Babyfacial. Shop it: … In it, I'm wearing a little bit of concealer under my eyes and around my nose to cover up dark circles and redness, respectively. 4.2 out of 5 stars 4. Ole Henriksen PHAT My face was indeed glowing, and not in a good way. Genuine OLE HENRIKSEN - Transform Plus - Phat Glow Facial Mask - 50ml 1.7FL. Sarah Bahbah Brings Her Signature Image Captions to New Loungewear Line. They're a bigger molecule, … In other words, I can put it on and not be confined to one position while it works its magic. Keep scrolling to see exactly what I mean. They still exfoliate and brighten the skin, just not so potently. Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial Mask: rated 0 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. That’s pretty much everything I want, all in a single mask! The Ole Henriksen Phat Glow Facial Mask comes in a white bottle that has a wide pump, and a clear plastic cap. In other words, it was made to be mess-free. OLEHENRIKSEN PHAT Glow Facial Mask. Plus, it fights all major signs of aging, instantly exfoliates, and illuminates! If your skin is acclimated to chemicals, you won’t feel anything. What it does: Get flawless skin in a flash with this no-downtime mask. And when you can get that good thing for £32 less than its usual RRP, that’s a … It's a creamy exfoliating mask that leaves my skin as calm, bright, and glowy as I've ever seen it. 3 reviews for Ole Henriksen PHAt Glow Facial. What makes PHAs so special? The Inspiration. Quick Look. Kaitlyn McClintock contributed to Byrdie for over two years, most recently covering beauty news for the brand. 810763033470 | eBay PSA: Lactic Acid Peels Are the Secret to Youthful-Looking Skin, 9 Secrets to Getting Bright, Dewy Skin, No Matter Your Skin Type, This Product Makes My Blackhead-Prone Skin Look Poreless, They're Here: The Winners of Byrdie's 2020 Eco Awards, Editors’ Picks: The Beauty Products We’ll Be Using All Autumn Long, 15 Health and Beauty Products I'm Now Obsessed With Thanks to Instagram, 10 Hard-Working Beauty Products to Help You Multi-Task at Home, 21 Products We Tried (and Loved) Recently From Brands We'd Never Heard Of, The 50 Skincare Products That Have Made Our Skin Smoother, Better, and Brighter, Byrdie uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. How Well Does Summer Fridays New Exfoliating Mask Work? PRODUCT LAUNCHES. I have been really into the PHAT glow facial from Ole Henriksen. Description; Ingredients ; How To; What it is: An age-fighting face mask that works like a facial, with potent PHAs and Nordic birch sap, to instantly exfoliate, illuminate and brighten the skin. Since ditching physical exfoliants, which we all should do since we are in 2019 and not the 50’s. There’s always a new one to try and eventually, the amount sitting behind my desk is far greater than the time and energy I have to actually try them. More. My skin just felt clean, buzzing with a tingly post- … Unlike many other similar exfoliating products, PHAT Glow Facial can be used in the morning, for an immediate healthy glow effect! Fashion. Add To Wish List. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen these ingredients combined before. 5890 Reviews. Exfoliate, Illuminate & Brighten Skin! It’s also $30 less expensive. $50.00 $30.00. PHAT Glow Facial™ An age-fighting face mask that works like a facial, with potent PHAs and Nordic birch sap, to instantly exfoliate, illuminate and brighten skin. Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial AHA + BHA Mask: Yes, at $80 this product is more expensive than the PHAT Glow Facial, but for those with sensitivities to fragrance, this might be a better option for you, as it's 100 percent fragrance free. 44261 loves. Fashion & Beauty; This Just In: CHANEL Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Blanc Graphique, Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial Mask and Uriage Eau Thermale Aquaprécis Gel Cream It's a mask with the consistency of a clay mask but the stickiness of a jelly moisture mask. Overall. Miss PHAT Glow Facial has got your back. After seeing this video, you'll want to drown your face in vitamin C. Bioactive Rose Gommage Pineapple + Hyaluronic Acid Peel, Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial AHA + BHA Mask, The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale. Exfoliation is essential for glowing skin, but chemical exfoliation can be intimidating to some, especially before a big event. £31.95 £ 31. Login now. Ole Henriksen - Transform Plus Phat Glow Facial. The formula itself is really what won me over; a combo of PHAs (hence the 90s-inspired “PHAT” moniker that took me a second to put together) and Nordic birch sap. Get it Tuesday, Dec 29. Polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), deliver similar skin-smoothing, age-fighting results to AHAs, but PHAs are just a little "plumper." And anything that gives me a glass skin glow is an absolute winner in my book. Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new ole henriksen phat glow facial!! Before you start complaining about the wait time, think of it as an excuse to slow down for a second. My skin just felt clean, buzzing with a tingly post-spa sensation. The PHAt Glow Facial is an exfoliating face mask that instantly brightens and reduces the look of pores and wrinkles. Phat Glow Facial Mask. Not Subscribed? It’s not heavy mask and doesn’t dry up uncomfortable - really enjoyable mask!! AHA Exfoliants glycolic and lactic acid improve the texture of dry, sun-damaged skin. I don't know if it's the way exfoliating masks leave my skin feeling soft and smooth or the way they make my otherwise dull and unrested complexion look fresh and luminous, but exfoliating masks are my favorite kind to use (while sipping on a glass of wine as I watch Netflix, that is). Replace Morning... Let’s get straight to the point: it’s been a long, long time since I was this excited about a face mask. PHAs: Also know as Polyhydroxy Acid, PHA is a gentler AHA alternative that is more suitable for sensitive skin. So considering I’ve used Ole Henriksen’s PHAT Glow Facial Mask twice a mere days after getting it says a lot. As for the actual formula, it includes Polyhydroxy Acids, which are otherwise known as PHAs, a gentler alternative to AHAs (or alpha hydroxy acids). If you’ve read our post about Drunk Elephant, you know we love the T.L.C. It looked like something akin to the "glass skin" that's so trendy in K-beauty. And while you’re at it, peruse the rest of the Transform Plus line which includes the night cream everyone is obsessed with too. Shop the adorably-packaged Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial at Sephora or the brand website for $49. If I do have anything more than a lackluster reaction to something, it’s rare. In fact, when the light hit the high points of my face (my cheekbones, nose, and cupids bow), it looked like I was wearing a dreamy, dewy highlighter, even though it was just my bare skin. It’s formulated to target dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, pores and dryness. Rinse after and prepare to have the skin of a newborn baby. Once the colour has transformed, you need to leave it on the skin for 15 minutes and then remove with a damp wet cloth. Be the first to review this product . 50ml / 1.7 FL. Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial Mask Review September 5, 2019 Fall is coming and brands are starting to roll out the latest and greatest additions to their lines. Get flawless skin in a flash with PHAs, the no-downtime exfoliating acid and key ingredient in Ole’s first one-step at-home facial. It starts off a pretty magenta-ish shade until you massage it in. Upon application, the mask is pink but turns white once it has been activating by messaging it. Also big ++ for any dry skin mask lovers Phat Glow Facial Ole Henriksen I recently bought this mask I love it so far! OLEHENRIKSEN Power Juice Skincare Set. I look at the growing pile and just….can’t. That's how well this mask works at brightening, smoothing, and illuminating. So, I'm cautious. I stick to a couple tried-and-true products that exfoliate my skin, making it feel smooth and look luminous, without any irritation (those being Peach & Lily's Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask, $43, and Odacité's Bioactive Rose Gommage Pineapple + Hyaluronic Acid Peel, $62). It's the kind of sensitive skin that's plagued with rosacea—that stubborn, blotchy redness that spreads out from my t-zone and refuses to be disguised by anything less than a thick, full-coverage concealer. I have to be careful with the products I use because I have sensitive skin. They’re fat, literally. If it were safe to use a chemical mask every day, this is the one I’d pledge allegiance to. Ole Henriksen - PHAT Glow Facial™ - 50 ml. OLEHENRIKSEN PHAT Glow Facial™ Mask. But since PHAs are not photosensitizers, you can use it in the morning if you want! copyright 2020 © all rights reserved by stylecaster. That's how you know it's working its magic. It smells like candied lemon. PHAT Glow Facial's use of gentle PHAs creates a mask that is not only effective, but won't irritate the skin. My skin is fairly sensit… Ole Henriksen’s cult £42 PHAT Glow Facial is on sale for £10 right now November 24, 2020 When a product has more than 1,000 five star reviews, you know you’re on to a good thing. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution: This super affordable $7 mask provides powerful exfoliation with a blend of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid. When you first apply the mask, it has a light, rosy-pink color. The application is pretty straightforward: apply 1-2 pumps to your hand and apply to your face. PHAT Glow Facial™ Reviews - page 2; y_2020, m_12, d_24, h_17; bvseo_bulk, prod_bvrr, vn_bulk_3.0.12; cp_1, bvpage1; co_hasreviews, tv_11, tr_1432; loc_en_US, sid_33470v1, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=SUBMISSION_TIME, direction=DESCENDING)] clientName_olehenriksen; bvseo_sdk, dw_cartridge, 18.2.0, p_sdk_3.2.0; CLOUD, getReviews, 37ms ; reviews, product; Join Our … SIZE 1.7 oz/ 50 mL • ITEM 2231967. I mean, it was so glowy it was almost reflective. I put it on when my skin is looking tired … $50.00 . I was afforded the chance to try PHAT Glow Facial from Ole Henriksen, at the skin expert's namesake spa in West Hollywood. With more than 1,600 reviews and 40,000 “loves” on Sephora’s website, it’s ranked as one of the top-selling formulas across both the categories of masks and clean beauty. This makes it easy to get the product out in theory, but I have had the pump stick on me a little bit, and I don't know if it's isolated to just mine, or if it's due to the texture of the mask. Personally, I think the pink-to-white color transformation brings a fun element to the masking experience. I am sure you have seen the PHAT glow facial all over Instagram lately, So I thought I would do a review for all of you. Only 1 left in stock. Because I like exfoliators, the promise of a polyhydroxy acid fuelled mask was a big draw. $69.00. If you’re looking for a versatile product that is way easier on your precious bank account compared to a professional facial but still delivers the outstanding benefits all while smelling great and looking scrumptious, I highly suggest you give Ole Henriksen’s PHAT Glow Facial a try. OLEHENRIKSEN PHAT Glow Facial Mask . Breadcrumb Trail Links. Ole Henriksen's Phat Glow Facial Mask brightened our skin and renewed our faith in at-home facials. 115 Reviews. Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. $50.00. After that, it should look white and sit on your skin for 15 minutes. What to Read Next. It was so hydrating and left my skin super soft and plump. Type: 50ml. But it's not really a mask. It's a resurfacing style exfoliant that uses PHAs. Face masks, moisturizers, face oils, the works! If I use an exfoliating mask that's too harsh, I'm left with red, dehydrated skin that feels hot to the touch. Usually, due to the photosensitizing nature of acids, these products are usually recommended in the evening. You can read a book, do some stretches, brush your teeth, or be like me and take selfies. PHAT Glow Facial. The Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial is a glow up in a bottle.

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