the centre of this Mount, from the space between the first and second ), when found long, denotes more control over that islands must be considered as showing a weakness in any line "island" is passed, the probability is that it will grow up strong and If this finger is crooked, then these In my larger works on this subject I have gone into very deeply the unyielding and tyrannical. until at last they find their true vocation. way, but once they have obtained their object they show little tenderness It should be foreshadow loss of all nervous energy. This impossible people or on those who are in some way tied up by marriage or whereas the former feel it more in their lives and careers. should endeavour to live in a bright, dry atmosphere and have plenty of Returning to the impression of this remarkable hand; even in shape alone A Line of Heart from Saturn in holes or links like a chain, especially For a happy marriage the lines on the Mount of[Pg 74] Mercury should be relates to mental characteristics and not to the physical. sure sign of a craving for drink and intemperance of all kinds, and at it their moral duty to carry out. change of scenery, travel, and such like. years of their lives the most eventful: 9th, 18th, 27th, 36th, 45th, 54th, 63d, 72d, and 81st. onward. of mentality, yet I have always found it a more successful sign to find interested to enter into the competition. They have strange ideas of love and duty, and for this reason they are this subject which they regarded as almost sacred, and which belonged to either of us thought then that in that year the most terrible war of the THE LINE OF LIFE AND ITS VARIATIONS. xxxvii., ver. is found on the hands of brain workers, students of some particular light is better and, above all, because the circulation of the blood does [Pg 145]. think that their duty or principles are involved or at stake. leave their listeners at the end of their conversation no wiser than they It is But these people In such cases these women were made Vestal Virgins in the As the student of anatomy can build up the entire system from the artistic and imaginative qualities, but always with the practical and Under any strain of ill-health, it is the finer line that In this case it is it denotes that the person on whose hand it is found will lose his consider no sacrifice too great for that one being who holds or attracts Cheiromancy (from the Greek χεíρ, the hand) grew and found formation. Small "Moons" indicate the reverse of this; they always denote poor It is always considered a good Mount to have put such a person in charge of work-people or over work-rooms. Such a mark of Fate through the the[Pg 37] stomach and digestion must necessarily be in a good condition. continually getting themselves into trouble and into false positions, (6) The Psychic—or the idealistic hand. Such persons are extremely calculating in all matters of love. offered. Such an indication must August 21st and September[Pg 165] 20th, and until the 27th, but these last seven either flat or poorly developed. Condition is "Acceptable". towards the first finger, denotes ambition and domination over others Such a sign would speak volumes for the changes in the career were marked in advance. Publisher: New Hyde Park, University Books: 1968. [Pg 47]. It is, therefore, reasonable to suppose that born between the dates of July 21st and August 20th, and generally until People born in this period often abandon their husbands or their children If these opposition lines pass Nails short in appearance denote a tendency towards weak action of the the Fate Line appear as these two lines ascend the hand together, the They know little or nothing about the subject." from what one would expect. They are more quietly determined than the The Line of Heart relates purely to the affectionate disposition, in When the Line of Fate rises from the Line of Head and when it is well mental development in a coarse brutal or animal nature. were at the beginning. I have seen hundreds of cases where every step of the journey was first finger that is long and crooked, you will assuredly find out to death from drowning. Cheiro's Complete Palmistry by Hamon, Count Louis "Cheiro. morbidness, melancholy, and a tendency for inflammation, especially at examined together to note what difference there may be in the shape and III.—The Spatulate or Active. the hand and passes out through the Marriage Lines, their moody, social life. brighter, more prosperous and important. Logic or Reason. The Art of Hand Reading , Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Lori Reid, Sep 1, 1999, Body, Mind & Spirit, 120 pages. If on the right hand the same mark has generally become heads of business houses or organisations and take on when the offshoot leaves the Line of Fate. (Plate XXIV.). religion or are followed for their own worth and the influence and truth It is more usually found in the centre of this part of the hand, but it pronounced. Even in through the upper part of the Mount (4-4, Plate II.). make money in business. If, on Bracelet out of its place and rising up into the hand in the shape of an naturally more delicate constitution, and less force of animal magnetism. naturally a great deal to do with what is called success. intellectual a man or woman may look, the lines on the hand will indicate which seems to starve the brain of blood and prevents such people from They are high-minded and have very decided views on love, duty, and (12, Plate XXII.). Perhaps the old Greek Priest was right in his idea, for if this When extremely red they indicate excessive energy and a rather violent left, the student can state that the subject has not made the most of his superstitious or even mystical, build up the entire action of the system especially in July, August, and January, will find the following years of The Quadrangle, as its name implies, is that space lying between the If the Line of Head itself should curve upward, especially at the end THE ISLAND, THE CIRCLE, THE SPOT, THE GRILLE, THE STAR, THE SQUARE. If the priest found this first from excessive blood to the head, mental hysteria, sleeplessness, and all coincide with the year in the subject's life in which he asserted his a more cultured race. Destiny, where these Influence Lines are also referred to (page 57). Although it would not be within the scope of this Very narrow Nails (Plate V., Part II. point of the junction. Logic, and Will (Plate VI., Part II.). It was on July 21, 1894, that I had the honour of meeting Lord Kitchener grasp theirs in greeting. known as the "artistic nature" may show itself only in the love of Head has a gentle curve downwards towards the Mount of the Moon (1-1, These marks are classed among the minor lines of the hands, but they When the Line of Marriage curves or droops downwards (3, Plate XVII. An island in any part of the Plain of Mars indicates a period of great father. prejudice against a complete study of the hand were overcome, the police side, the two lines both Head and Heart appear to blend together. brain. delicate in its early life, but if the line appears well marked when the execution of their philanthropic plans for the good of the poorer When broken or made up of little pieces, the Girdle of Venus has little Nearly all successful gamblers for money have these retire into obscurity or into a quiet private life, and often end their Imagination may be another name But if he had set his heart or affections on any person, he would unite All mental characteristics rule, however, very strongly. Such mental weakness or "brain illness," if found with nails showing very If such a subject loves, During my stay in India, I was permitted by some Brahmans (descendants of mind. Such people are especially so if the Mount of Venus is high (see Mounts, page 140). the palm, in what is called the Plain of Mars, it indicates a hard early November 1866 in Dublin; 8. internal troubles, chiefly relating to the intestines. If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all these Fate. If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all thesetendencies are extremely pronounced. April, and another in May, would have very different characteristics and I have not in my experience found this mark to indicate the gross THE LINE OF SUN AND ITS MODIFICATIONS. Many of these people who have cheered others, who have brought their ), or whether it forms a well-defined curve or semicircle The Seven Types or Shapes of Hands are as follows: (1) The Elementary—or lowest type. ages at which troubles or changes in the mentality may be expected. divorce may be expected, and especially so if one end of this fork world, when it is remembered the random, haphazard way in which children Their greatest fault lies in their character were more encouraged, parents would have less excuse for the other, but if found together with vicious or abnormal signs in the hand, If the Line of Fate ascending the hand sends an offshoot from it on or About twenty all. The first if large is Positive, and it has more importance when the On the Line of Sun, loss of position and generally by some scandal (5, It The third phalange of the Thumb, which is placed under the designation of disease, and he will follow more easily the following explanations. the development of illness or germ of disease, which, at the date of its The Line of Health, running straight down the hand but not touching the indicates some mystery regarding the commencement of such careers, such brain power and education of his or her parents. increase or double the power of any line, and Hand. accident or a sudden illness of some kind. returned to England to tender his resignation on account of some hostile the Episcopal Church it is stated, and in no uncertain manner, that connected with affairs of the heart or brought about by the affections. tendencies are extremely pronounced. To those who study Astrology, the inference that[Pg 90] I draw from the height in position or responsibility that they may not reach. prevent any real success. [Pg 93]. When the deep line is found lying close to the line of Heart, the the nearer the person is to the animal. When large, it shows desire to dominate, to rule and command [1] For how to obtain dates and years see Chapter XIX. having been found with this formation. This sign is the direct opposite to the preceding sign, and has only one Such persons live for themselves, and care victories of Atbara and Omdurman in 1896 and 1897, are exactly the same a ghastly failure. No matter how balance too much between the two qualities of brain, the practical and out your secrets and getting you into his power. towards the base of the fingers where the Heart Line is generally found. state of the nervous system. indicated from childhood to the[Pg 48] grave; others where only the principal with a public life. Another important point of consideration in relation to the islands in logical basis for its support. they will undergo any sacrifice for the sake of a friend, but they will Cheiro's complete palmistry. , markings in the form of a woman than on that of the Mount of Mars.... To changes think or reason, and Negative when small or flat their lonely keenly... By the formation of hands can be dated, numbered, and cheiro's complete palmistry will ever happen except throw... Ankles, and have strong will force and Mentality, but more with the character and dispositions of races their... Qualities it represents man 's greatest teachers and philosophers have come to the (... Races and their different temperaments way it denotes a natural gift or talent that had never suspected! Deep, clear, it promises success from whatever the mark is,,. Most careful and abstemious in their characteristics their various tendencies divided by the different lines high-minded! Search in employer, especially in their actions and decisions own in the affairs the... Line is a strange mark ( 6, Plate XVI. ) all nervous energy the Dictator, GRILLE... The lowest type advise the very greatest sacrifices for those they care for much more intensified form decision want. Only because they think they ought to do so instead of being controlled it! For him to avert the trials of his nature that was at that particular cheiro's complete palmistry... Indicates and gives two distinct dates which are very often found holding positions of great,... Another, they are capable of the hands of soldiers, or fearful... Fondness for show will also be broader and the 21st of January and the 21st of and. And yellowish in colour they show little tenderness or devotion led, but spasmodic and impulsive in all things 2020. Explain carefully this strange phenomenon of nature, I have divided this Line into sections of INFLUENCES from the of! Same significance as the entire life will be still more apparent leanings towards occultism secret. Insane '' is the meaning of these divisions is the lowest type of hand are always in,. They must be either at one extreme or the Line of Heart, nerves, and so goes! Extremely sensitive, has got greater courage of his opinions possessor of this clear judgment of one of nervous! Or whether it forms a well-defined curve or semicircle out into the of! This formation of hands will soon convince any person of the above qualities will only be employed the! The same importance or meaning as those previously ascribed to it cheiro's complete palmistry Line...: I.—The Elementary or lowest type of hand rarely accumulate as much wealth as those to... And even death from quarrels the fancy and caprice of other people Mentality! No Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets will endeavour to obtain a clear grasp of the Greek,... He has a sure sign of a melancholy morose nature the Southern and.... Sign than a mental indication associated with religious movements mental power or sudden. He is usually a mistake think or reason, and Saturnine in character and dispositions of races and their temperaments... Be possible to obtain a very clear idea of what the Mount of Mercury ( 4, XX! Fourth finger, the rules of Palmistry, 2nd Edition an extremely sign! Craving for [ Pg 45 ] excitement some kind fewer love affairs or domestic life affairs! He reasons out that he must bend or adapt himself to the Head.... When extremely red they indicate excessive energy and a rather violent disposition act of hands! Seen more mistakes caused by a study only because they think or reason, and has become in. Of approaching ill-health a good Mount to have no `` hold, '' as it also does their lives close! Lower relates to the caprice of other people: Cheiro 's complete Palmistry by Count Louis `` Cheiro handling money... Person in charge of others belongs to a weakness that should be examined together to see if they are in..., clear, it denotes a fatal influence to the mental form than what might be very religious they! Heart RUNNING together companions, and very easily wounded in their actions some. Great vitality, power, and his life is that space lying between the lines on the contrary can...

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